International Federation meeting

Just finished a demanding FIM Family Week with the last day of our annual General Assembly.Despite the forced social distance, safety protocols, the new digital system for voting and video conference, it was really a great success, even compared to similar events run by other institutions in recent times.I wanna make my biggest compliments to the new elected members of the board of directors, the 2 new affiliated National Federations and to my colleagues who took care of all the huge logistic and the organization of this extraordinary format we never used before.Resilience, adaptation and clear goals to make our sport the most beautiful and “fast” on hearth!Here TO SERVE AND PROTECT MOTORCYCLING.Thank you FIM Family….#FIM#FIMfamily#FédérationInternationaleDeMotocyclisme#motorcycling#GeneralAssembly#NationalFederations#ToServeAndProtectMotorcycling

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